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2012 Indoor Cycling Program

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

We have been busy at work finalizing all the details for our Indoor Cycling Program that starts January 3rd.  

You may be wondering what the 1 hour classes are  like or what you can expect so here is an advanced preview of the 12 week curriculum:

1. Intro to Training with Power

The purpose of this session is to teach you how to train with power (& heart rate), orient you to our equipment & the class.

2. 20 minute Power Based Field Test

Full Gas (as hard as you can) for 20 minutes.  We’ll take your average power output & heart for your wattage & heart rate zones.  Plus you’ll also set a benchmark for how fast you are.

3.Tempo Intervals

3 x 10 min ON 5 min OFF @ your TEMPO wattages; Advanced Aerobic Endurance at it’s finest.  Packing more punch into your limited training time

4. Sweet Spot Intervals

3 x 9 min ON 4.5 min OFF @ your Sweet Spot Wattages; More Advanced Aerobic Endurance.  The quintessential “More Bang for your Buck” way to spend an hour on the trainer.

5. Tempo Bursts

3 x 8 min ON 4 min OFF @ your TEMPO Wattages with a “burst” every 2 minutes.  Racing requires ever changing power outputs & surges therefore your workouts should too.

6. The SufferFest!

IWBMYATKYT – “I will beat my ass today to kick yours tomorrow” – super fun and hard interval training set to Pro Tour racing coverage.

7. Criss Cross Intervals

4 x 7 min ON 3.5 min OFF @ TEMPO then FTP wattages for 1 minute in the middle and the end of the 7 minute interval.  Spring is getting closer and your training is getting harder.

8. Over Unders

4 x 5 min ON 5 min OFF, Zone 6 to start (30 seconds), Sweet Spot in the middle (4 minutes) and finishing with a zone 6 effort (30 seconds).   Over unders are a great dynamic power based workout that mimics what happens at the bottom of a climb and then again at the top.  “Surgy”

9. Threshold Intervals

2 x 12 min ON 6 min OFF, Full Gas – using power to train smack dab in your zone 4, not too hard nor

too easy, but just right a la “Goldilocks” . Threshold training is a staple for climbing and time trialing and

intervals like these will improve both

10. VO2 Max Intervals

2 sets of 2 x 3 min ON 3 min OFF, FULL GAS, with a 5 minute set break @ Zone 5 wattages.  “According to Science” VO2 intervals raise your threshold power.  We’ll show you how to use your power output to push yourself hard enough to reap the benefit of VO2Max Intervals.

11. Anaerobic Zone 6 Intervals

2 sets of 3 x 1 min ON 1 min OFF, FULL GAS, with a 5 minute set break @ Zone 6 wattages.  Sometimes bike races are hard and this is why.  Cry in the DoJo so you can laugh on the Battlefield.

12. 20 minute Power Based Field Test to measure your improvement

Same test as week 2 – except this time you are fitter & faster. Perhaps wiser too.  We’ll see what your average power says.

By the end of the 12 weeks, daylight savings will be over and we’ll encourage you to ride outdoors.  Good luck and visit our calendar to find a day & time that’s right for you.  

Which PowerMeter is Right for You?

Monday, December 19th, 2011

Buying a powermeter is not always a straightforward decision .  Cost is probably the biggest consideration.  Compatibility with your equipment is usually next.  This leads into how you are going to use your powermeter and whether or not you want to capture race data (which is the best) or not.   For example if you buy a powertap wheel and swap it between your road and time trial bike, what happens when you want to run a disk wheel?  Conversely is your road and TT bike compatible with the same crank based powermeter you are considering?  (I.e.  does your road & TT Bike have the same type of bottom bracket that will allow you to swap your crank based powermeter from bike to bike?)

These considerations & others all go into the purchasing process.  At FasCat we are coaches & athletes that run into these same considerations for the athletes we coach, so we know how to consult with you about which powermeter is right for you.   Its a worthwhile discussion to have.  In the meantime, he’s a comparison chart that covers many of the considerations to weigh when determining which powermeter is right for you.

Quarq, SRM & PowerTap Comparison Table

Notice that we have included the Garmin Vector.  The Vector is going to be one of the hottest powermeters for 2012.  At a $1500 price tag, many are going to be early adopters of this first to market pedal-based powermeter.  We are holding our breath and eagerly awaiting our chance to ride and evaluate it’s accuracy, data, and reliability.  Until then, the question marks above will stay.   It will be extremely easy to put these pedals on an SRM or CinQo & overlay the data to compare.

As always, we are available to discuss which powermeter is right for you.  And of course we’ll extend our free month coaching to anyone that buys from FasCat.  During that free month we’ll include the follow (among others)

1. Wattage Based Field Test to determine your power at threshold and training zones in watts
2. Power Based Training Calendar
3. Expert Analysis of your power data and daily Coaching Feedback
4. We will teach you how to use you powermeter
5. FasCat will provide technical software and powermeter support for the life of your powermeter